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Joomla Multiple File Upload in Frontend

The intension of this project is to enable Joomla users (registered) and of course administrators to upload multiple files via frontend and backend. Due security-reasons introduced in Flash10 the integrated Flashploader of native Joomla 1.5 doesn’t work anymore. Until today’s latest version 1.5.17 of  joomla the implemented flash uploader.swf refers to FancyUpload 1.0 swiff uploader.

The Flashuploader was no core development of the joomla developer team, so there is no support nore update of this extension until today. The reason for not updating the previously implemented uploader is joomlas use of mootools version 1.1 in core (see framework’s function).
The updated releases for the flash uploader need to use mootools version 1.2, which results in general incompatibility with Joomla core 1.5. The main functionality and commands given to the uploader.swf differ in more than 80%, an assimilation to fit together is impractical for both.

In the next release version Joomla 1.6 a new flash uploader is integrated, available versions are still in beta. It is recommended not to use any beta-version on production-sites. Read more