Easy yet powerful, the free HeidiSQL

Some peoples destiny is making the best of windows, altough developing web applications on Linux/Unix system suggests to be more logical. One of these lonely desperados is me myself, and I am sure you can imagine the circumstances when searching for applicable, cool solutions which are free of charge. The first I want to recommend all friends in this place is a great software used to manage and browse MySQL databases with ease. Describing it as “intuitive interface” as written in the item description seems to be the operative word regarding this application.

HeidiSQL Screenshot


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Flash Builder 4 ZendStudio

I would like to talk about some introductory topics on what it would take to get a basic Flash/Flex application up and running. This will be part 1 of an X part series. I don’t know how many parts there will be, but I would expect that there would be a few. We’ll probably keep on going until traffic to the postings starts to die down. :-)

The first thing that you will want to do is get a copy of Flash Builder 4. It was recently released and can be downloaded as a plugin for Zend Studio (technically, Eclipse). You can download it from the Adobe website. You can download it with a 60 day trial license. That’s right. 60 days. That is more than enough time to see if it’s something you want to do. When I downloaded it, I did it as an Eclipse plugin on a fresh install of Zend Studio and it works like a breeze. Read more

Flex Upload: upload large files since Flash 10

As there are many changes in handling security and functionality since Flash Player 10 new aspects need to be followed.  A Flex Component taking advantage of new possibilities  can be found on Zehnet, it looks like to be a considerable component for advanced features in our integration.

test flex uplaod component

Zehnet shipped this Flex component with an Upload-Class in PHP, a feature that could be interesting for someone using this as standalone or integrating somewhere other than our joomla. The main goal of complete integration into joomla means to take care of the joomla libraries and classes.

Flex Upload: advanced component

Another component done by some Coldfusion/Flex developers of newmediateam comes along with extensible possibilities, e.g. control after inserting files, removing files from list, start/stop upload and more.

test advanced upload component

In combination with the upcoming joomla-component it would provide more possibilities than used for the main objectives. See it yourself and don’t hesitate to test it immediately. Due to security aspects this will not save any files in the test – but sends all to a backend handler as it would do in production state.

Flex Upload: simple input with no limits

After reviewing many, many available upload solutions I want to present the first of them which I consider to use for joomla integration. It was not easy to maintain control about all impressions while browsing through snippets, components and their projects founded in the world wide net. Main objective of this review was to filter out obstrusive ideas. As result I tend to present solutions that are self-explanatory for use.

test simple input

This is one solution I have tested, which brings all features we need for Joomla backend and frontend. It’s small and seems almost not to differ from normal upload-input. But it does!

I didn’t find any resources to this component, so I cannot provide informations about the development, but I found this in context of Coldfusion as serverside backend to Flex.

Quicker Access to Your Unsorted Bookmarks | Firefox Facts

To tell you the truth, I have not used the Unsorted Bookmarks feature in Firefox 3 that much at all. Why? Well, it is a ‘bit of a pain to get to. You have to open your bookmark manager, open up all bookmarks in the tree then go down to unsorted bookmarks. Want an easier way to access your unsorted bookmarks?
Right-click on your bookmarks toolbar, and select “New Bookmark”.


The name can be anything. To keep things simple, for now we will just call it “Unsorted Bookmarks”. You might want to shorten that to “ubooks”, “ub” or something like that if you want to save bookmark toolbar space. Now for the location, type this smart bookmark string in:


Now hit the “Add” button, and you should see a new folder popup on your bookmarks toolbar named “Unsorted Bookmarks”. Click on it as you would with any other bookmark folder, and you can see all of your bookmarks that have not yet been categorized into the rest of your bookmark folders.

UPDATE: For Firefox 3.5 or for any version where this is not working try to restart Firefox, then see if it works. So add this bookmark, restart Firefox, then re-launch Firefox and it should work.

via Quicker Access to Your Unsorted Bookmarks | Firefox Facts.

Joomla Multiple File Upload in Frontend

The intension of this project is to enable Joomla users (registered) and of course administrators to upload multiple files via frontend and backend. Due security-reasons introduced in Flash10 the integrated Flashploader of native Joomla 1.5 doesn’t work anymore. Until today’s latest version 1.5.17 of  joomla the implemented flash uploader.swf refers to FancyUpload 1.0 swiff uploader.

The Flashuploader was no core development of the joomla developer team, so there is no support nore update of this extension until today. The reason for not updating the previously implemented uploader is joomlas use of mootools version 1.1 in core (see framework’s function).
The updated releases for the flash uploader need to use mootools version 1.2, which results in general incompatibility with Joomla core 1.5. The main functionality and commands given to the uploader.swf differ in more than 80%, an assimilation to fit together is impractical for both.

In the next release version Joomla 1.6 a new flash uploader is integrated, available versions are still in beta. It is recommended not to use any beta-version on production-sites. Read more

Automatically create HTML-links for urls

There’s a little php code snippet as example for replacing pure text-url into a clickable HTML-link. The presentation of this php snippet is just used as a test of the code highlighting I want to use on this page.

   function AutoVerlinkung ($msg) {
     // http
     $msg = str_replace("http://www.","www.",$msg);
     $msg = str_replace("www.","http://www.",$msg);
     $msg = preg_replace("/([\w]+:\/\/[\w-?&;#~=\.\/\@]+[\w\/])/i","<A TARGET=\"_blank\" HREF=\"$1\">$1</A>", $msg);

     // mail
      $msg = preg_replace("/([\w-?&;#~=\.\/]+\@(\[?)[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.([a-zA-Z]{2,3}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?))/i","<A HREF=\"mailto:$1\">$1</A>",$msg);
      return $msg;

   $demo = "www.meineurl.de oder http://www.meineurl.de oder meine@email.de";
  $demoVerlinkt = AutoVerlinkung($demo);
  echo "<p>aus: <b>".$demo."</b></p>";
  echo "<p>wird: <b>".$demoVerlinkt."</b></p>";

The seen snippet belongs to a unknown, brilliant developer. I hope not to hurt any rights by showing this bit of code.

Many thanks in advance for your appreciation!

The Bastard Operator from Hell (deutsch)

Gefunden auf einem neuseeländischen FTP-Server zu einer Zeit, als die meisten von euch noch nicht mal wußten, daß man Komputer mit K schreibt.
von Simon Travaglia (frei übersetzt von Florian Schiel)

Heute ist Backup-Tag. Mein Lieblingtag! Andererseits hat es natürlich gewisse Vorteile, der Operator zu sein. Ich linke das tape device nach /dev/null – viel ökonomischer. Zumindest, was meine Arbeitszeit angeht, weil ich nicht alle 5 Minuten Bänder wechseln muß. Außerdem dauert das Backup nur noch etwa 12 Minuten, also kann es nicht ganz schlecht sein! Ein Benutzer ruft an. Read more